BTECH (Bailey's Technology) LTD

Welcome to Bailey's Technology (BTECH) Remote Contract Sales Course

Welcome to Bailey’s Technology (BTECH) Remote Contract Sales Course, where we empower you to become a successful remote sales representative for our premium solar energy solutions. Founded in 2024 by David Bailey, BTECH operates island-wide in Jamaica with headquarters located in Tower Isle, St. Mary. Our company is registered in Jamaica and specializes in renewable energy, particularly solar energy systems and installations.

**About BTECH**

At BTECH, we pride ourselves on offering top-of-the-line solar products and solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our flagship products include the Full Home Solar Power Kit, Solar Water Heater, and our innovative AI Solar Camera. We also stock and sell a wide range of accessories to complement these products, all available in our online shop.

**Salary and Commissions**

As a remote contract sales representative at BTECH, you’ll earn commissions on every sale you make. Commissions are structured as follows:

– $50,000 JMD fixed commission for the Full Home Solar Power Kit
– $15,000 JMD fixed commission for the Solar Water Heater
– 2% to 10% commission on all other accessories sold individually

Commissions are paid out within two weeks after the completion of the sale contract via bank transfer.


Our pricing strategy is transparent and tailored to each customer’s specific energy needs. To determine the cost of the Full Home Solar Power Kit, use our BTECH Solar Calculator available at []( While the calculator provides a good approximation, a site inspection is required to confirm installation requirements, which may adjust the final price. Prices for all other items can be found in our online shop.

**Sales Talking Point Ideas**

Here are some key talking points to guide your sales pitch:

1. **Cost-effectiveness**: Home Solar Power Kits typically pay for themselves in less than eight years.

2. **Financial Assistance**: Access up to 1.5 million JMD per person through NHT loans for solar systems, with a repayment period of up to 10 years. This translates to approximately $13,000 monthly, often less than the average utility bill.

3. **Specialized Loans**: Major banks offer special loans for solar systems with low-interest rates.

4. **Environmental Benefits**: Solar systems contribute to a greener planet and provide resilience against power outages.

5. **Advanced Technology**: Our AI Solar Camera features human detection technology, reducing false alarms.

6. **Dual Functionality**: Our solar water heaters are competitively priced and come with an element for dual functionality.

**Marketing Support**

We provide a range of marketing materials to support your sales efforts, including flyers, business cards, posters, and videos. We encourage you to promote our products digitally to support our planet conservation efforts.

Join us in making a positive impact on Jamaica’s energy landscape with sustainable solar solutions from BTECH.

For more information and to access our marketing materials, please visit our website and social media accounts.